Our mission

Our motivation is bringing access to live auctions around the World for everyone no matter the language they speak or the currency they use. We enable auctioneers and sellers by helping them put their items on the market, thus allowing them to reach out to a greater amount of bidders and customers for their goods to be sold. We offer simple solutions for anyone involved in the auctioning industry.

We don't believe in B2B or B2C, all the belief is in H2H, human to human relations.

Our experience

Our staff tallies up to over 40 years of experience in the auctioning industry and 10 of those years were spent building and providing live auctioning systems on the internet. We started out by developing solutions for local auctioneers in the area of Montréal (Canada), among which many information and management systems. We now leverage this experience to provide solutions for our customers worldwide through Auctionex.

Where are we based?

Our main office is located in Montréal, Canada.

We encourage our employees to take public transit or use a bicycle when commuting to work.

Montréal is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that enables us to hire talented people and provide our customers (and theirs!) with support in multiple languages, all from a single location. With a staff very knowledgeable of our services, we don't like and will never outsource our customer service department, no matter the langage or sales culture we need to support.

Montréal is also home to some of the largest data centers in North America since there is an easy access to clean and renewable energy and it offers a forgiving climate as well. Maintaining close proximity to our infrastructure is important.

Our network and IT infrastructure

We are an internet company so our IT infrastructure plays a major role in our operations. Here's some details about it:

Our network and infrastructure are fully redundant. Our backend infrastructure consists of numerous server clusters distributed across various regions to ensure high availibility.

Our primary data center location is based out of Montréal, Canada and we have secondary locations located across the globe: in North Virginia for the US East Coast, in Oregon for the West Coast, in Sao Paolo, Brazil to serve the South American Market and in Frankfurt, Germany for the European market.

Primary Location Montréal (QC) - Canada

Physical Access

Data center and network operations are monitored 24 hours per day by highly trained staff using a Building Management System (BMS) with centralized and remote controls.

Physical access to this data center is controlled by security credentials and biometric verification, via two-door entrances.


Theses installations are provided with redundant battery power and backup generators as well as direct connectivity to Tier 1 and Tier 2 internet carriers such as Cogent, Level 3, TATA Communications and Inteliquent.

Electrical Power

Our data centers leverage energy-efficient technologies and Canada’s renewable resources and cold climate to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our energy supplier is Hydro-Québec, whose electricity production is 100% renewable, and for wich 98% of the energy comes from hydro power. Hydroelectricity only produces 4 grams of CO₂ per kWh of electricity. That's 56% less CO₂ emitted than energy generated using typical wind turbines, and it represents less than 1% when comparing with the emissions for natural gas and coal. In Québec, electricity generation represents just 1% of all Green House Gas emissions, as opposed to 32.5% in the US.

In our data centers, two levels of power supply help towards the prevention of power failures: Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) guarantee immediate coverage in the case of grid failure and three low sulphur diesel generators in each data center provide backup electricity over a longer period.

Secondary Locations (US, South America and Europe)

To reduce latency and better serve all markets, we have secondary servers in data centers located in the following regions:

  • North Virginia, United-States (US East Coast)
  • Oregon, United-States (US West Coast)
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil (South America)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Europe)

Content Delivery Network

Pictures used to show auction items are stored on Amazon S3. The CloudFront content delivery network is also used to help in offering a fast and reliable content delivery.